1945 – 2020    75th Anniversary



In Japan and around the world, this entry into the atomic age will be remembered with calls for nuclear disarmament and international support for the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

In Western Mass. several events will express our solidarity with the remaining Hibakusha survivors, and call for a phase-out of nuclear weapons, racial and social justice. (see flyer and poster)

See Traprock's The Pen Is Mightier: Recent Posts for recent articles and editorials about the importance of the 75th anniversary, including:



Postings from the Traprock Center in Western Massachusetts

Traprock Center Director Pat Hynes is the author of a number of important editorials that have appeared online and in local print media in Western Massachusetts. See her recent work here, with more on the Traprock website at The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.

June 2020

Covid and the Military
If soldiers and veterans are disposable, who and what do matter to the deepest pocket of our tax dollars, the Department of Defense?"
Part 4 of a series on Covid in our time.

Solving dual crises of COVID-19 and climate change
"We are living with two lifethreatening crises: COVID-19 and the climate crisis. They pose a common fate for us humans — the risk of illness in the case of COVID-19, and injury and destruction of our environment, in the case of climate; both are harbingers of death for many. But it is their differences and our response as a world that matter most."

May 2020

Women Have Risen to Heroic Heights During Covid-19
Yet, the global pandemic in physical and sexual violence against women continues unabated and worsened during the coronavirus pandemic.

Covid-19: The ‘Great Equalizer’?"...this statement – implying we are all at equal risk – is a blatant cover-up of inequalities baked into our society."

April 2020

Winners and losers  Budgets are moral documents (or immoral, depending on priorities). So also is tax policy. 

H. Patricia Hynes

H. Patricia Hynes is a retired Professor of Environmental Health from Boston University School of Public Health and current Chair of the Board of the Traprock Center for Peace and Justice. She has written and edited seven books, among them The Recurring Silent Spring. She writes and speaks on issues of war and militarism with an emphasis on women, the environment, and public health.