Organized... Cancelled -- WLOE 2020, March 28, 2020

The announcement:

WLOE 2020: MARCH 28, 2020

On Saturday, March 28, 2020, Traprock will mark the 40th anniversary of Women and Life on Earth: a conference on eco-feminism in the 1980's with a 9 am – 2:00 pm meeting in the Greenfield Community College Dining Commons.
The Women and Life on Earth conference held at the spring equinox of March 1980 brought together 600 women from the northeastern U.S. for a weekend on connections around women, peace and ecology. Now, at a critical time for life on earth, we will gather to honor and encourage multigenerational action. The event will bring together local activists and groups to share goals and plans for 2020 and beyond.
For more information and registration contact: info(at)
(The WLOE Internet Project founded in 1999 has been part of Traprock since 2016.)
Logo above: Women in the phases of the moon, by Bonnie Acker for WLOE, 1980

More on the 1980 conference
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The first editorial on the conference was published on March 11th in a local Western Mass. paper. It was the 9th anniversary of the nuclear plant disaster at Fukushima, still ongoing. Opposition to local nuclear plants, planned and built, was one part of the movement that gave birth to WLOE. A second version, listed below, appeared March 12, the day the event had to be cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Women and Life on Earth: Then and Now


"Anniversaries are times for people to come together, to remember, and see how things are now. Forty years ago this month, 600 women came together at UMass on the vernal equinox weekend, the start of spring 1980. Their goal, to gather as women active in different movements: for peace, safe energy, sustainable agriculture, women’s and community health, under the newly articulated concept of ecological feminism. ...
more: download 2 pg. pdf

And in the Montague Reporter, March 12: "It Was Called Women and Life on Earth" pdf download