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The original symbol of the Women's Pentagon Action, by Bonnie Acker

Monsanto on trial

Learn about the problems related to Monsanto, GMO seeds and food, through this international tribunal.

 Read the Oct 15 recap: Tribunal & People's Assembly

A Vision for Black Lives

Fracking the parks?

National Parks and More, Threatened by Fracked Gas Part 1, by Mina Hamilton
August 3, 2016
"Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park. These along with other treasured park icons are in the crosshairs of S.2012, the national Energy Policy Modernization Act."...
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Who owns what?

Part 39: Public Policy & the Widening Racial Wealth Gap

Who's got what in the USA?

Millions of people have watched this video on Wealth Inequality in America.

"Project Unspeakable"

a theatrical work on the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert Kennedy. more...

Transition Times Blog

We are in a time of transition -- which way will it go? Follow this excellent blog from Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez: latest entry

The Economics of Happiness

Local Futures is now offering a free, shortened version of its award-winning documentary film The Economics of Happiness. This 19-minute abridged version brings us voices of hope of in a time of crisis.

"Money or Life: What makes us really rich"

Now in English! Free download (39 pages pdf) of a German essay by Veronika Bennholdt-Thomsen on our relationship with the money economy -- and alternatives.

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October 15, 2016

‘Good Anthropocene’: Grassroots Initiatives Worldwide Show Path Forward

"Looking for a ray of sunshine amidst seemingly endless news of the warming planet, global biodiversity loss, or ongoing war? You might want to head over to Seeds of a Good Anthropocene, a website developed by a team of international researchers to spotlight global initiatives or “seeds” from the grassroots that help pave the path towards a more just, sustainable world." [more...]

October 13, 2016

Vandana Shiva: "Ending a Century of Ecocide and Genocide, Seeding Earth Democracy"

"Putting Monsanto on trial is only the beginning of what the world's people must do to regain control of their food systems" [more...]

October 10, 2016

100,000 Italians march 'for peace, against indifference'

" Around 100,000 people took part in a march 'for peace and against indifference' between Perugia and Assisi in central Italy on Sunday." [more...]

October 05, 2016

Always Disobedient! Still on the Streets!

Peace activists in Serbia mark 25 years of Women in Black, October 7th – 10th, 2016 [more...]

October 05, 2016

Germans plan national peace demonstration

"We say no to nuclear weapons, war and military interventions. We demand an end to the militarization of the EU. We want dialogue, global disarmament, civilian conflict management, and a common security system based on mutual interests. This is the peace policy we stand for." [more...]

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