Anti-Racism: new resources in 2020

This is a year of change, marking a new stage of awareness of racism, white supremacy and racial violence, in the US and beyond. There are many excellent resources for study and to guide action. As our project has become mainly 'archival' in recent years, we are not up to date on these. But hope to be! 

Thus we welcome a submission from a reader, post this valuable work, and encourage similar offerings:

"Confronting Prejudice: How to Protect Yourself and Help Others" published by Pepperdine University's online Master of Psychology program. The purpose of this resource is to educate readers on the prevalence of prejudice and implicit bias in society, including information about what marginalized groups are most likely to be harmed by prejudice. The resource features information about how one can be an ally and an advocate for change, as well as how people experiencing discrimination can build resilience against these types of behaviors. 

Below is the URL to the resource:

“Not everyone has the luxury of leaving a prejudicial workplace or neighborhood,” said Natasha Thapar-Olmos, PhD, Program Director at OnlinePsychology@Pepperdine, the online Master of Arts in Psychology at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology. External link  “But there might be things we can do and some tools to cope.”