No to NATO, in Sweden...

In Uppsala, Women for Peace stood in the marketplace on Thursday, Nov. 18th, during their weekly demonstration with 2 signs: UN - for peaceful conflict- solving, and NATO - military alliance with nuclear weapons

From Bologna, Italy

"We demonstrated in the city centre under the two towers, symbols of Bologna, near the University, on Saturday the 20th from 5-7 pm, and other women joined our demonstration with their banners."

"We distributed about 350 flyers, mostly to interested students, explaining what NATO is and why we were there as women to say NO TO NATO."

-- Women in Black Bologna, Italy

A call to action: Women and NATO, Nov. 20, 2010

Making NATO Visible to Women,
Making Women’s Opposition Visible to NATO

NATO held its latest summit in Lisbon, Portugal, November 19-20, 2010.
Women demanding peace were there, and in their home regions.

In London: see full page here

National Gallery, London
. All photos: Cynthia Cockburn

In Italy: Women in Black Italy demonstrated in Bologna, Alba, Ravenna, Bergamo and Padua: see a slideshow here. "In Padua we were in the pedestrian zone in the centre of the town on Saturday afternoon, including 3 women from the group of women - Donne del Presidio Permanente -- against the construction of the USA military base at Vicenza. We had banners with the words NO ALLA NATO (no to the) NATO) as well as 'hands', placards with anti-militarist slogans. We distributed 200 flyers (English translation Padua flyer). There were also vigils in Turin and Naples. The vigil in Naples was on the Friday because the women joined a demonstration in L'Aquila - destroyed by an earthquake more than a year ago and still in pieces - while spending on arms and war increases."

From Lisbon, 20 November 2010:
Flashmob for Peace 
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