Salmon farming in Chile

Public Eye Awards 2014

Since 2005, Public Eye Awards have gone to the «worst company of the year». The ceremony was set to coincide with CEOs’ presence at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The Awards were conceived as "an open and transparent event allowing the general public to voice criticism. This is why every year, until now, one of the awards is determined by popular vote." more on PEA Groups around the world can nominate corporations whose policies and actions should be exposed. This year our WLOE Internet Project nominated the Norwegian salmon farming company Marine Harvest, and our proposal was accepted.

This corporation's production in Chile shows a record of abuse of both the local population and the environment. Ignoring legal conventions protecting indigenous lands and peoples, the company has expanded without consulting local communities, and the traditional waters of the Mapuche have been polluted. The working conditions are hard and 100 Chilean divers have died over the past decade, as opposed to one in Norway. Add to this a long list of environmental problems, from over-concentration of the farmed fish in underwater cages, the abuse of antibiotics, the pollution of local waters from fish food and feces.

Marine Harvest is not as well-known as other PEA 2014 nominated corporations, but its abuse of people, the land, fish and their ecosystem is dangerous and should be known and halted.

Please vote here for a PEA award to Marine Harvest

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