Globalization basics

What is globalization? A brief glossary of international trade agreements and terms.

More "globalization alphabet soup": From "Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics" to "Zapatistas". Check out this useful site for many short definitions of "global-speak".

And what is GATS? Women Stop GATS!

Women and globalization

Women and global debt

Global corporate crime:
Bhopal 20 years later - still working and waiting for justice

Resources on Cotton:
Cultivating Poverty The impact of US cotton subsidies on Africa Oxfam International Paper No. 30, Sept. 2002. (Link to summary and pdf download.)
" American cotton subsidies are destroying livelihoods in Africa and other developing regions. By encouraging over-production and export dumping, these subsidies are driving down world prices – now at their lowest levels since the Great Depression. While America’s cotton barons get rich on government transfers, African farmers suffer the consequences."
The Cotton Campaign
: A report by Jean Grossholtz on the role of cotton in a globalized world (7 pages, pdf download)