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Mina Hamilton is a free-lance writer based in New York City. Her articles have appeared in Mother Jones, the Nation, the Progressive, and In These Times. She is a frequent contributor to dissidentvoice.org and womenandlifeonearth.org. She is the co-author of In Deadly Defense: Military Radioactive Landfills and Critical Mass: Voices for a Nuclear-Free Europe. She lives in New York City. Read other articles by Mina.


Mina Hamilton 2018

Korea: What the Generals Aren’t Telling You

Korea: What the Generals Aren’t Telling You

by Mina Hamilton / February 3rd, 2018 in Dissident Voice

"The retired Generals on the talk-show circuit look grim.  They say if the US attacks North Korea, it will retaliate and bomb Seoul, South Korea’s capitol.  Hundreds of thousands could die.  The Generals look even grimmer.  There will be a ground invasion.  Result? A possible 20,000 casualties per day.

No one mentions the X factor.
James Mattis, H.R. McMaster, Rex Tillerson, John Kelly, Nickki Haley – not a peep from them either.
In his State of the Union address the President lingers on the gruesome death of Otto Warmbier, promises “Resolve.” Trump also won’t touch it.

Twenty-four.  South Korea has 24 operating nuclear power plants."...

..."A disaster at a nuclear reactor in Korea would be an utter catastrophe for Korea, its citizens, and its land.  It would also be a catastrophe for the planet.  The Sea of Japan with its rich harvest of shrimp, tuna, and other fish would be at risk.  Japan itself could be at risk.  Depending upon which way the winds were blowing, dangerous contaminants could head north towards Russia, then sweep across the Pacific towards the coast of Alaska and then on down to California.

Citizens of the planet need to look this threat stark in the face.  Ignoring the threat is the worst we can do."...

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Fire and Fury: Stunning Exposé and Quiet Cover-up?

Fire and Fury: Stunning Exposé and Quiet Cover-up?
by Mina Hamilton / January 8th, 2018 Dissident Voice

"A few days into the New Year and iguanas are falling out of the sky in Florida.  (They’re too numb to hang onto their perches.)  Boston is recovering from flooding.   Parts of Alabama are fighting hookworm.  Trump wants $18 billion for THE WALL.  And there’s Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, the just-released exposé of life down in the West Wing.

Some argue Wolff is not always reliable.  Just how much was on or off the record?  How much not fact checked?
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Mina Hamilton 2017

Fukushima on my Mind

Fukushima on my Mind

On the 6th anniversary of the catastrophe's start:

"For the past several years I've averted my eyes from Fukushima.  (Who doesn't want to make it disappear?)  Then, as the sixth anniversary loomed, I wondered, what could one possibly say?  Hadn't it all been said?
I pondered - and then made a shocking discovery: In my mind's eye I'd temporarily misplaced Fukushima. 
In fact, I'd moved it!" ...   read article

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Mina Hamilton 2016

Michael T. Flynn: No Congressional Scrutiny Necessary?
by Mina Hamilton / November 22nd, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump’s appointees get nuttier and scarier by the second.  Meet Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn – the new National Security Advisor.  Unlike other positions in the new administration, such as Secretary of Defense or Secretary of State, Flynn will not be vetted by the US Senate.

Even with a Republican-controlled Congress Flynn probably would have been nixed by the Senate in January, 2017.  Why?

First, he’s a hyper-rabid Islamaphobe.  In his recent book, Flight of Fight: How We Can Win the War Against Islam, Flynn describes ISIS as “dead set on taking us over and drinking our blood.more

Keep Your Eyes on Pence
by Mina Hamilton / November 14th, 2016

Two days after the election, the New York Times ran a feel-good editorial.  It was called “Being American in the Trump Years.”  The basic message?  Let’s bury our hatchets, all work together and assure a peaceful transfer of power.  Hey, it’s a democracy.  Way down in the text were the words: “Trump owes nothing to the traditional powers in his party — not the Koch brothers, not the leadership in Congress.”

Really?  Trump owes nothing to the Koch brothers?  That’s a statement the veracity of which can’t be tested – unless Donald releases his tax returns (which, of course, is not going to happen).  The assertion also rests on the words of Charles and David Koch and those of Donald Trump.  Not words one can necessarily trust. more