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Grace Lee Boggs: Reports from Detroit

Grace Lee Boggs is an activist, writer and speaker whose more than sixty years of political involvement encompass the major U.S. social movements of this century: Labor, Civil rights, Black Power, Asian American, Women's and Environmental Justice. Friends from many communities helped celebrate her 95th birthday in June 2010. 
See: the Boggs Center Blog and the James & Grace Lee Boggs Center, also: In the presence of genius: Grace Lee Boggs.
Solutionaries is regular column by Grace and friends, on-line at The Michigan Citizen.

On her book, "Living for Change" University of Minnesota Press, 1998

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Congratulations to Grace Lee Boggs, who turned 91 on June 27, 2006.
Read her column Celebrating my 91st birthday in the Michigan Citizen:

"...Among the young people gathered at Beans & Bytes I sensed a new revolutionary/evolutionary movement emerging. They seem to me to have learned the great lesson of the Black Power struggles of the 60s: that militancy and mobilization are not enough to build a 21st century movement. We need to go beyond rebellion. We/they need to create new truths, new language..."

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Eco-hoods and eco-villages
Michigan Citizen, June 4-10, 2006
"In South central L.A. local residents and supporters are rallying to save an urban farm that has become a national symbol of urban agriculture as the wave of the future..." Connecting generations, building community

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